Here at Make Texas Carry Again, we believe thet an armed populous is the first line of, and most effective form of Law Enforcement. Our goal is to make Texas into a Society thet is prepared to counter, and neutralize any, and all violent attacks. We hold thet the minute any area is considered a, "Gun Free", or, "No Carry" zone, thet area is made ripe, fer a shooting. We support all kinds of carrying, including, but not necessarily exclusively, Open Carry of Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns, and Concealed Carry of Handguns. We DO NOT promote the illegal purchasing of any type of Firearms regardless of our position on the Constitutionality of the Laws under which said Firearms are considered illegal.

We Currently Offer:

  • Self-Defense Insurance.

  • Carry Advice.

  • Basic self-defense advice.

  • Organizing Grassroots Lobbies.

  • Gun Friendly Business Database (Under Construction.).

Some of our long-terms goals include:

  1. Organizing Public Carry Events.

  2. Organizing Gun Lobbies.

  3. Selling Weapons, and Ammunition.